Mxn Kablo San ve Tic Ltd Şti, a pioneer among Turkiye based Cable Manufacturers was established in 2005. In nearly eleven decades of it’s existence in the Cable Manufacturing Industry, it has earned great deal of recognition and confidence among the construction industry.

Mxn Kablo San ve Tic Ltd Şti, manufactures cables under the brand name “Mexancab” using the most modern facilities which pass through stringent quality control tests. The company houses its very own quality control lab equiped with the best equipment and supported by our qualified engineers to meet the industry standard.

Mexancab today has a broad manufacturing portfolio of Cable products, which includes Power Cables, Signal & Control Cables, Fire Resistance Cable, Instrumentation Cables, Data Cables, Telecominication Cables, Coaxial Cables, Silicon Cables, Special Cables, and Bare Copper.

Mexancab’s Cable business builds its success on the aggressive development and marketing of a comprehensive range of high quality cables through a distribution network serving a diverse range of industries, while maintaining strong partnerships with reputed consultants and main contractors. Working together, we provide competitive electrical cabling and wiring solutions for both the private and public sectors in all categories of industrial, commercial and residential projects.


To cater for the robust growth in the regional market, Mexancab operates two wire&cable manufacturing plants. They are located in Istanbul and Tekirdag, all of which are fully equipped with the latest manufacturing facilities and technologies to meet increasing demands.

Mexancab is strongly committed to making continual advancements in technology and innovation, both of which are our greatest strengths. Our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications and conformity to various world-class standards are solid testimonies in our efforts to achieve excellent quality in both our manufacturing process and products.

We have grown steadily based on a sound business philosophy of providing quality products using leading edge technology, backed by unfailing excellence in customer service and faster turnaround time to maintain customer loyalty. These are beliefs and values that give us the strength and confidence to continue to grow, excel and succeed.

Mxn Cable is part of the Ozel wire family, our commitment to your needs has never been stronger.