The Management Team of mexancab is dedicated to a system of quality management that will ensure that the products and services it provides, meet the requirement of its customers at all times.


To achieve this, procedures have been clearly laid down in the Management Manual to ensure that those requirements are met in accordance with the quality assurance program designed to comply with  EN ISO 9001


The purpose of the Management Policy Manual is to describe how quality is put into effect, to give instructions to users and to describe overall quality systems and procedures throughout the Group.


Objectives and targets for continuous improvement, cascaded from this policy will be progressed and updated through the management performance reviews, together with the implementation of corrective and preventive actions.


All employees are responsible for implementation of the quality assurance techniques applicable to their activities and also for achieving the specified quality levels at all stages of work affected by those activities.


The quality policy will be brought to the attention of all employees through display in prominent places throughout the Group.